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June 8, 2023

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3:50 pm

About The Oriel Gallery

In the heart of Dublin’s city centre, nestled on Clare Street, stands a beacon of Irish culture and artistry – The Oriel Gallery. Known for its unwavering commitment to Irish art and artists, the Oriel has been the cornerstone of the Irish art scene, championing the rich tapestry of Irish talent, both established and emerging. Today, we are thrilled to invite you to experience Irish art like never before, through our newly revamped website.

Our previous website served us well, a digital counterpart to our physical gallery, offering art enthusiasts around the world a glimpse into our extensive collection of Irish art. But as the world of art continues to evolve, so too must our digital presence. Our new website has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience of Irish art online, mirroring the welcoming and expert atmosphere of our Dublin gallery.

The Oriel Gallery specialises in 19th – 21st-century Irish paintings, watercolours, and sculpture. We are renowned for our expertise in the works of legendary artists like Markey Robinson and Percy French. However, our commitment to art extends beyond these hallowed names. We continuously strive to bring you the finest from a diverse roster of Irish artists, both established and new. Our recent exhibition in May 2023, for example, featured brilliant works from Liam O’Neill, Alan Somers, Anthony Murphy, and Victor Richardson. And introducing new artists to the gallery, David Coyne and Ed Williamson.

While we are proud purveyors of Irish art, we also offer comprehensive consultancy services. We understand that acquiring art is not just about aesthetics, but it often involves considerable financial and emotional investment. That’s why we provide expert advice on purchasing and re-sale of works of art. If you’re considering growing your collection or need assistance in making your next art investment, we’re here to guide you. We also offer insurance valuations and advice on wills and probate, ensuring you can enjoy your art with peace of mind.

One key aspect we’re excited about with our new website is the enhanced visibility it offers to our private sales. We understand the desire for privacy when it comes to selling high-quality works by well-known Irish artists. With our new platform, we can facilitate these private transactions with the utmost discretion and expertise.

At the Oriel, we believe that art is more than just an investment. A painting from the Oriel is a piece of art that will provide you with endless joy: opportunities for calm and reflection – a window into another world. Time spent with your Oriel Irish artwork will transport you from the hustle and stresses of life, and carry you along a gentle, flowing river, where you can let your imagination run free.

We hope our new website brings you closer to the Irish art scene and the incredible artists we champion. We invite you to explore our collections, learn about our artists, and perhaps find a piece that speaks to you. And remember, whether you’re in Dublin or halfway across the world, the Oriel Gallery is here for you, ready to support your journey through the remarkable world of Irish art.

Welcome to the new Oriel Gallery website – your digital gateway to the home of Irish art.

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