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David Coyne – Onward Exhibition


Step into a world colour which captures the heart of the West of Ireland.  This exclusive solo exhibition featuring the captivating works of Irish artist, David Coyne, at The Oriel Gallery, opens  Friday 26th April 2024, at 6pm Join us for an unforgettable journey through David's colourful landscapes, evocative portraits, and vibrant compositions, each piece resonating with the essence of Ireland's rich culture and heritage.

David Coyne – Onward Exhibition2024-04-08T15:42:57+01:00

Celebrating Liam O’Neill at the Oriel Gallery


Celebrating Liam O’Neill: A Beacon of Irish Art & Culture at The Oriel Gallery A Tribute to Irish Heritage In the heart of Dublin, The Oriel Gallery proudly showcases the evocative works of Liam O’Neill, a name synonymous with the rich tapestry of Irish heritage and artistry. Born in West Kerry in 1954, O’Neill is an artist whose canvas breathes life into the rugged beauty

Celebrating Liam O’Neill at the Oriel Gallery2024-02-26T09:20:30+00:00

Sunday Times – Meet the rugby player who became an internationally acclaimed artist


Sunday Times – Meet the rugby player who became an internationally acclaimed artist2023-10-11T13:49:12+01:00

Liam O’Neill – Sheridan’s Horses


Following on from Liam O'Neill's prodigious show at The Merrion Hotel, Dublin which featured some of the largest works of art the artist has ever created.  Liam's painting entitled Sheridan's Horses originally purchased here at The Oriel Gallery sold at a recent Dublin auction for €35,000 on the hammer.  With commission and added charges the total price paid was in the regain of €43,000. The

Liam O’Neill – Sheridan’s Horses2023-08-23T07:51:46+01:00

Unveiling Gift Vouchers at The Oriel Gallery


Unveiling Gift Vouchers at The Oriel Gallery At The Oriel Gallery, we are constantly looking for ways to enrich your experience with us. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we now offer gift vouchers! Our gift vouchers are more than just a present; they're a unique opportunity to dive into the captivating world of art. They can be the first step on someone's

Unveiling Gift Vouchers at The Oriel Gallery2023-08-23T07:51:46+01:00

Art Investment – Private and Corporate


Corporate Art Investment: Building a Portfolio with the Oriel Gallery Introduction: Investing in art is no longer the exclusive domain of individual collectors and connoisseurs. Many corporations are now recognizing the potential benefits of building an art portfolio as part of a diversified investment strategy. The Oriel Gallery, with its expertise in 19th to 21st-century Irish art, provides a comprehensive range of services to assist

Art Investment – Private and Corporate2023-10-17T14:57:31+01:00

Investing in Art: Our Guidance and Services


Introduction: Investing in art can be a thrilling endeavour, combining personal passion with financial acumen. However, understanding the art market and making informed decisions about what to buy and at what price can be challenging. Enter the Oriel Gallery, a trusted partner in the world of art investment. The Oriel Gallery's Services: Located in Dublin, Ireland, the Oriel Gallery specializes in 19th to 21st-century Irish

Investing in Art: Our Guidance and Services2023-08-23T07:51:46+01:00
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