Celebrating Liam O’Neill at the Oriel Gallery

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February 26, 2024

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9:20 am

Celebrating Liam O’Neill: A Beacon of Irish Art & Culture at The Oriel Gallery

Liam O'Neill - Triur Sa Naomhog Baile Na Ngall

A Tribute to Irish Heritage

In the heart of Dublin, The Oriel Gallery proudly showcases the evocative works of Liam O’Neill, a name synonymous with the rich tapestry of Irish heritage and artistry. Born in West Kerry in 1954, O’Neill is an artist whose canvas breathes life into the rugged beauty of Ireland. Liam can narrate tales deeply rooted in the heart of Coma Dhuibhne, his native land into his art.

Liam O’Neill: A Master of Irish Art

At The Oriel Gallery, we take pride in showcasing Liam O’Neill’s stunning art. Born in West Kerry in 1954, O’Neill brings to life Ireland’s rugged beauty. His work captures the essence of his homeland, Coma Dhuibhne.

Inspired by Tradition

O’Neill draws inspiration from the legendary Tomas Ó Croimhthain. Like Ó Croimhthain, O’Neill celebrates his Irish roots through his paintings. His work honors a way of life shaped by fishing, farming, and community.

Embracing Community Spirit

Growing up, O’Neill was deeply involved in the ‘Meitheal’ tradition. This spirit of communal support shines through his art. It’s a testament to the strength found in working together.

A Journey Back Home

After spending years away, O’Neill returned to West Kerry. He embraced painting full-time, using a palette knife to capture his world. His art is a vibrant dialogue with the past.

Celebrating Irish Language and Culture

O’Neill’s exhibitions span the globe, from Dublin to San Francisco. Liam’s paintings are more than art, they are a conversation in Irish, celebrating a rich cultural heritage.

Experience the Magic at The Oriel Gallery

We invite you to explore Liam O’Neill’s captivating work. Discover a blend of tradition, community, and the enduring beauty of Irish life.

Liam at the Oriel

At The Oriel Gallery, we are honoured to present Liam O’Neill’s art. An enduring legacy that continues to inspire and captivate. His work is a beacon of Irish culture, a window into the soul of West Kerry, and a celebration of the human spirit’s resilience and interconnectedness. We invite you to experience the profound beauty and depth of O’Neill’s paintings. Each is a story woven into the fabric of Irish heritage.

Check out Liam’s work

Liam O’Neill Gallery


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