Karl SoCal


Now residing in California, Karl hails from Dublin where he initially attended Sandford Park before pursuing a business degree. Driven by a passion for travel, Karl relocated to Los Angeles in 2013, immersing himself in the vibrant American art scene.

During his tenure at an art gallery in Laguna Beach, Karl exhibited his own artwork, marking a pivotal moment in his career. His eclectic collection of mixed media pieces, featuring graphic art, pop culture icons, comic book characters, and movie legends, propelled his work into the mainstream. Currently showcasing his art in galleries across New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas, Karl’s creations are eagerly sought after by art aficionados.

His portfolio includes captivating portraits of iconic personalities such as Frank Sinatra, Stan Lee, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean, as well as a popular series spotlighting beloved characters from DC and Marvel franchises. Notably, his recent series featuring Mr. Monopoly has garnered attention, leading to private commissions from prominent figures in Hollywood and the music industry.

Continuing to evolve creatively, Karl is establishing himself as a rising star in the art world, with much anticipation surrounding his future projects