James Brohan’s artistic oeuvre is distinguished by its vibrant exploration of colour, transcending mere tonal representation to capture the ephemeral subtleties of light. Amidst the rapid modernization of Ireland—a country in a constant state of flux—Brohan positions his work as a temporal archive, documenting the era he inhabits with a keen eye for its unfolding narratives.

Renowned for their rich, vivid hues, Brohan’s paintings exhibit a distinctive style characterized by a loose impasto technique. His adept use of the brush imbues his works with a dynamic interplay of mood, colour, and light, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of subjects. From the serene elegance of boats and harbours to the rustic charm of farm animals and the intimate detail of still-life compositions, Brohan’s range is as broad as it is captivating.

In his figurative scenes, Brohan endeavours not just to depict physical movement or a static moment in time, but to delve deeper, capturing the very essence of emotion itself. This intent to evoke emotional resonance through the visual medium underscores his commitment to not only portray the world as he sees it but to imbue it with the depth of feeling it evokes in him. James Brohan’s work is thus a testament to the power of art to document, interpret, and emotionally engage with the changing world around us.