Alan Somers developed his insight growing up in a Dublin family with a strong admiration of the arts.  He developed his skills while very young, though for one reason or another, eventually stopped painting. Time away, immersed into the daily grind of everyday life acted as a melting pot, where individual elements formed something new and unique.  Most notable are Alan Somers’ works involving the city, emotive pieces where the impressionist style helps shine a light on sights often unseen.

Living in the city, you walk by in a daze, thinking of your plans, the meeting that awaits you down the block, or the workload back at the office. Sometimes, you miss the subtlety of the city… the life, the atmosphere, the history.

Stylistically recognisable, with pieces differing in subject matter, colour and tone Alan Somers has the uncanny ability to paint what the viewer misses but recognises immediately. His paintings retain the viewer’s attention by including minute details which, while others might omit, Alan painstakingly included to keep the integrity of the cityscape alive. It’s safe to say, this artist will keep exciting for some time.

Alan’s first exhibition at The Oriel in 2019 was a complete sell-out.